19 Amazing Hindi Story Books for Kids to read during the Hindi Diwas


Hindi books hold a certain old-world charm to this day.

The way you get gripped into the story and flow into it is the same as when you were a kid.

Hindi books give us a beautiful picture of rural India, our culture, and our heritage.

These stories have a way to make you feel at home.

Hindi books are like an old song that is filled with nostalgia.

So, why not let your kids experience the times when things were not moving too fast and lazy afternoons were the biggest luxury.

On this Hindi Diwas, you can read these amazing Hindi books with your child and let them understand their Hindi common roots and celebrate unity.

  1. Kahaani Puraani by Pridhee


Age: 3+

A wonderful book which is loved by children and parents equally.

It is Ramayana retold in a poetic form. A fun and interactive book with a rotating wheel, push and pull leaflet and moving arrow which makes the learning experience engaging.

  1. Mai Chali Chidiyaghar / I’m Going to the zoo by Narendra Jain

Age:- 3+

What does a zoo look like to you?

Big-small, fat-thin, up-down… see the zoo through a little girl’s eyes.

  1. Das Din by Pridhee

Age:- 2+

Das Din is a story of 10 days that revolves around a cub who falls ill and is on the path of recovery. 

Your children can learn the numbers 1 to 10 in Hindi in a fun way.

Interactive Hindi story books for kids are bound to keep your kids entertained.

  1. Chand par Khargosh / The Rabbit in the Moon by Indrani Krishnaier

Age:- 3+

Should the rabbits run away in fear when the elephants stir trouble in the Jungle?

No way!

  1. Malli Aa Rahi Hai / Malli is Coming by Jeeva Raghunath

Age:- 4+

Meet Malli a cheerful girl who gave her uncle’s family many gifts when they visited her village.

 So now that she is visiting them in the city, is it her turn to receive?

  1. Neelu ki Badi si Peti / Neelu’s Big Box by Nandini Nayar

Age:- 3+

Enter the world of Neelu whose imagination has no limits. Using a cardboard box, a dupatta and walking stick she has everything for her strong big fort.

After reading this story your child might demand a cardboard box to dive into their imagination and experiment with their creativity

  1. Chaar Dost / Four Friends by Kala Shashikumar

Age:- 3+

A nice hindi story book for kids with lots of pictures in a classic and traditional style. Your child will not leave your side till you reach the last page.

Join the deer and his friends on an adventure when the deer needs help to escape from a hunter’s net.

  1. Ek aur Bahut Saare / One and Many by Indu Sreekumar

A book about one child and their many friends. Like it said, “ More the merrier”.

In a world of difference, a book with wonderful illustrations captures the world in joyous detail.

  1. Ammi ke liye Sari / A Saree for Ammi by Mamta Nainy

Age:- 5+

A story about two little girls whose Ammi weaves the most beautiful sarees but never gets to wear them.

They decide to do something and break their piggy bank.

But, will it be enough to buy a saree for their beloved mother?

  1. Ek Anmol Saathi ki Liye / For one Invaluable friend by Rosalind Wilson

Age:- 4+

A starving artist has to choose between his love for art and his cat whom he also loves very much. 

This hindi story book for kids introduces children to the varied feelings of all living things.

  1. Lila ka Dhulmul Daanth / Lila’s Loose Tooth by Mamta Nainy

Age:- 3+

Lila is impatient because all the kids in her class are losing their milk teeth and have exciting stories to tell.

One got a gold coin from the tooth fairy while the other buried it into the ground for the mouse to take.

  1. Jafta by Hugh Lewin

Age :- 2+

Do you want to be transported to the beautiful African wilderness?

Say hello to Jafta, a little boy with big feelings growing up in an African village.

He describes his everyday moods and feelings by comparing them with various animals.

  1. Purple Jojo / Baingani Jojo by Sameera Zia Qureshi

Age :- 3+

A charming tale of Jojo the dog ends with a twist. Jojo wakes up one day to find purple spots all over his body.

Where did they come from? Set out on a journey with Jojo while it looks for an answer.

  1. Savdhan / Watch Out by Shamim Padamsee

Age :- 2+

What do little lion cubs do while their mother is away?

Inspired by the endangered species of Asiatic lions found in the Gir forest.

This hindi story book for kids enlightens young readers to the fact that predators can also be under threat themselves.

  1. Upar Dekho / Look up by Kavitha Punniyamurthi

Age :- 3+

What do children see when they look up at the sky? Laddoos,  marshmallows, bunnies…

As they say, the sky’s the limit when two children decide to do some cloud watching while a playful story unfolds in the green grass below and blue sky above.

  1. Ghungrali Jalebi / Jalebi curls by Niveditha Subramaniam

Age:- 3+

This book features amazing illustrations and translations. You and your child will start craving jalebis after reading this fantastic and swirly tale of Raja who dreams about Jalebis.

  1. Nanhi Kahaniyaan by Sorito Gupta

Age:- 1+

A set of 4 books with a riot of colors with less text and easy to understand language.

This hindi story books for kids is the perfect reading material for beginners of the Hindi Language.

  1. Sureela Gadga / The Musical Donkey by Niveditha Subramaniam

What happens when a Donkey sings with joy in a cucumber field all night?

The cucumbers lose their patience.

  1. Siri ki Muskaan / Siri’s Smile by R. Amarendran

Age:- 3+

Little Siri loves smiling. She slips away from home one day to go around asking every person she meets to smile.

This hindi story book for kids tells us how a small child can brighten up a persons bad day.

Is there a Hindi Story book for kids that is loved by you and your children? Let us know in the comments below.

Anu Agarwal

Anu Agarwal is a Montessori Certified trainer with more than 3 years of teaching experience. She loves reading, travelling, spending time with her daughter. She believes reading aloud with your kids is the best way to connect and bond with them.

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